Big XII Faculty Fellowship

Aerial View of KU's Budig Hall

The Big XII Faculty Fellowship Program offers travel funding (up to $2500) for tenured and tenure-track faculty to facilitate the exchange of ideas and research across member institutions. Faculty may work on collaborative projects, consult with faculty and students, offer a series of lectures or symposia, acquire new skills, or take advantage of a unique archive or laboratory facility.  

The Big XII schools include: Baylor University, Waco, Texas; Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa; Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas; Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma; Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas; Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas; University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida; University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio; University of Houston, Houston, Texas; and West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia.

Nominations are due by Monday, March 4, 2024.

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures

  • During each academic year, six fellowships will be available to KU faculty.
  • All tenured and tenure-track faculty on the Lawrence Campus are eligible to apply.
  • The faculty member may visit any of the Big XII universities.
  • The University of Kansas will continue the faculty member’s salary during the period away from campus assuming they are already on salary at the time of the visit; otherwise, salary will not be covered.
  • The University will provide reasonable travel, lodging, and meal expenses attendant to the visit up to a maximum of $2,500.
    • Note: Reimbursement for lodging and per diem expenses must follow state travel policies and procedures.
  • Supplies, equipment, or other expenses unrelated to travel will not be reimbursed.
  • Visits will ordinarily be for two weeks, but longer visits are possible.
  • Faculty members are responsible for arranging coverage of their duties during their absence from campus. 
  • The Fellowship cannot be combined with a sabbatical leave, external fellowship, or other leaves.
  • After the visit, the faculty fellow will submit a brief report to the Provost describing the outcomes of the visit and offering suggestions for future planning.

The following documents comprise the application packet:

  • Completed online application form identifying the host university and unit, dates of the visit, and faculty sponsor(s) at the host university.
  • A current CV
  • One-page description including the following information:
    • Purpose and activities of the visit
    • Expected outcomes
    • Description of how the visit will complement your current or proposed area of teaching or research
    • The benefit of the visit to your department/school
  • Statement of support from the department chair (or dean for schools without departments) indicating:
    • How the faculty member’s responsibilities will be covered
    • The prospective benefits of the experience for both the faculty member and the unit
  • A letter of invitation from the Big XII host institution department or school. The letter should indicate their willingness to host the visit and projected benefits to their program or unit.
  • A detailed budget (transportation, meals, and lodging)
    • Note: Budgets must follow state travel regulations

Submit your complete application packet online using the link below. 

Applications are due by March 4, 2024, at 5:00 PM.

Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.

When projects are of equal merit, preference will be given to:

  • Faculty members who have not had sabbaticals or other internally sponsored leaves in the past three years
  • Projects that take advantage of timely opportunities
  • Projects that possess a strong potential for promoting inter-institutional collaborations

We encourage you to consider inviting Big XII colleagues to visit the University of Kansas if their visit would enrich the experiences of our faculty and students. This program offers a unique opportunity for collaboration and interaction. When plans have been confirmed, please notify the Office of Faculty Affairs ( of the individual’s name, home institution, and department, the dates of the visit and the purpose. Host departments are responsible for advising the visiting Fellow concerning temporary housing and for making the arrangements concerning office space, telephones, clerical help, parking, and use of the library or specialized research facilities.

Individuals from other institutions must apply for participation through their home institutions. Expenses are to be covered by the home institution.

Past Recipients

  • E. Bruce Hayes, French, Francophone & Italian
  • Sheyda Jahanbani, History
  • Lin Liu, Mechanical Engineering
  • Eileen Nutting, Philosophy
  • Jonathan Beck, Business
  • Lin Liu, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jiakun "Jack" Zhang, Political Sciences
  • Margaret Marco, Music
  • Kyoungchul Kong, Physics & Astronomy
  • Marie-Alice L'Heureux, Architecture & Design
  • Sean J. Smith, Special Education
  • Stephanie Zelnick, Music
  • Allison Kirkpatrick, Physics & Astronomy
  • Eungsik Kim, Economics
  • Jamene Brooks- Kieffer, University Libraries
  • Darren Canady, English
  • Geng Chen, Mathematics
  • Sara Gregg, History
  • Kyoungchul Kong, Physics and Astronomy
  • Jian Li, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
  • Scott Watson, Music
  • Stephanie Zelnick, Music
  • Elizabeth Asiedu, Economics
  • Christopher Beard, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Sherry Fowler, Art History
  • Mugur Geana, Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Maki Kaneko, Art History
  • Steve Leisring, Music
  • Ian Lewis, Physics and Astronomy
  • Lin Liu, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Slusky, Economics
  • Rick Devlin, Geology
  • Genero Mendez, Music
  • Ben Sherwood, Business
  • John Symons, Philosophy
  • Clayton Webb, Political Science
  • Colin Roust, Music
  • Jarron Saint Onge, Sociology
  • Hugo Sheward, Architecture
  • Nathan Wood, History
  • Huazhen Fang, Mechanical Engineering
  • Thomas Huang, Design
  • Suzanne Shontz, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Paul Stevens, Music
  • Jordan Bass, Health, Sport, and Exercise Science
  • Mary Fry, Health, Sport, and Exercise Science
  • Yunfeng Jiang, Mathematics
  • Rafe Brown, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Joe Colistra, Design
  • Michael Krueger, Visual Art
  • Krzysztof Kuczera, Molecular Biosciences
  • Kapila Silva, Architecture, Design & Planning
  • Philip Gallagher, Health, Sport, and Exercise Science
  • Jennifer Gleason, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Trent Herda, Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences
  • John Keating, Economics
  • Andreas Moeller, Geology
  • Chris Petr, Social Welfare
  • Sherrie Tucker, American Studies
  • John (Philip) Vardiman, Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences
  • Ben Chappell, American Studies
  • Sherry Fowler, History of Art
  • Heather Getha-Taylor, Public Affairs and Administration
  • Felix Meschke, Business
  • Santa Arias, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Phillip Barnard, English
  • Brent Steele, Political Science
  • Christina Bejarano, Political Science
  • Chris Depcik, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Johnson, Psychology/Gerontology
  • Xingong Li, Geography
  • Tamara Falicov, Film and Media Studies
  • Gregory Cushman, History