Faculty Evaluations

Sunrise aerial of KU's campus in the fall

New guidance has been developed regarding all upcoming faculty evaluation processes and taking the impacts of COVID-19 into account.

  • Faculty members should continue to have the opportunity to share COVID-19 impacts on teaching, research, service, and professional performance.
  • To promote consistency, supervisors and evaluation committee members should have frameworks for taking stated impacts into account in evaluating faculty work.

In consultation with Faculty Senate leadership, we have developed a single guidance document covering annual review (2021 Calendar Year onward), PTTR (beginning 2022-2023 Academic Year), P&T (2022-2023 Academic Year; guidance is the same as 2021-2022), and PTR (beginning 2021-2022 Academic Year). Key aspects of the guidance include:

  • Sharing information about the impacts of COVID-19 is optional
  • If faculty choose to address impacts, they may do so as part of existing narratives and reports
  • If a unit’s process does not involve narratives, faculty must be given the option to share impacts in a separate document

Annual Evaluations

Each faculty member shall be evaluated annually using criteria and methods appropriate to that unit for teaching, scholarship, and service. Specific criteria and procedures are identified in each department's faculty evaluation plan.