Chancellors Club Career Teaching Award

Front view of Strong Hall at Dusk

We are pleased to solicit nominations for the Chancellors Club Career Teaching Award, which is made possible through funds provided to the KU Endowment Association by members of the Chancellors Club at the University of Kansas.

Organized in 1977, the Chancellors Club unites a group of individuals who desire to provide a substantial amount of unrestricted resources on an annual sustaining basis. The award carries a stipend of $10,000, less applicable taxes, and is presented annually to a longstanding KU professor whose career exemplifies best the commitment of the university to outstanding teaching and the long-term success of students. An announcement of the recipient of the award will be made at the Chancellors Club dinner during the fall semester. Nominations are invited from students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University.

Nominations are due by Monday, February 5, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures

To be eligible for consideration for the 2024 award, the faculty member must be:

  • A full professor with 20 or more years of service as a KU faculty member
  • Planning full retirement from the university within the next five calendar years (2025–2029)

While it is understood that the contributions of the nominees are many-faceted, the award recognizes and honors contributions of the recipient to the welfare and overall education of his or her students, whether undergraduate or graduate, during an extended teaching career at the University of Kansas.

The following documents comprise the nomination folder:

  • Nomination Letter
    • Maximum of five pages —written by a faculty member, chair, or dean, current or former students of the nominee, or staff member of the University.
    • The letter should help the committee to see the unique contributions and ongoing dedication of the nominee to the education and long-term success of students.
  • Additional letters or other supporting documents
  • A current CV of the nominee
  • Chair Endorsement (if applicable)
    • Unless the chair has written the letter of nomination

Nominations are due by Monday, February 5, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. The chair and dean endorsements may be submitted separately from the nomination materials.

No announcement will be made concerning persons nominated. All materials received in relation to the process will be treated as confidential information.

Current Recipients of the Chancellors Club Teaching Professorship

  • 2023, Kent Spreckelmeyer, Architecture
  • 2022, Steve Hillmer, Business
  • 2021, Paul Laird, Music
  • 2020, Maryemma Graham, English
  • 2019, Jack Porter, Mathematics
  • 2018, Charles Marsh, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • 2017, Edwin Hecker, Law
  • 2016, Barbara J. Anthony-Twarog, Physics and Astronomy
  • 2015, James Carothers, English
  • 2014, James Orr, Molecular Biosciences
  • 2013, Kathryn Vickers Unruh, Spanish and Portuguese
  • 2012, John Nalbandian, School of Public Affairs and Administration
  • 2011, Allen Ford, School of Business
  • 2010, Richard T. DeGeorge, Philosophy
  • 2009, James Shortridge, Geography
  • 2008, Val Stella, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • 2007, Mohamed El-Hodiri, Economics
  • 2006, Donn Parson, Communication Studies
  • 2005, Ron Borchardt, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • 2004, William Tuttle, American Studies
  • 2003, Jan Roskam, Aerospace Engineering
  • 2002, Roger Shimomura, Art
  • 2001, Don Green, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • 2000, Robert D. Brown, Mathematics
  • 1999, Jack Landgrebe, Chemistry
  • 1998, Cynthia Schira, Design
  • 1997, Marilyn Stokstad, Art History
  • 1996, Dick Wright, Fine Arts
  • 1995, Nancy Dahl, Physiology
  • 1994, George Worth, English
  • 1993, Earl Huyser, Chemistry
  • 1992, Ross McKinney, Civil Engineering
  • 1991, Robert Hersh, Biological Sciences
  • 1990, John Augelli, Geography
  • 1990, Bill Conboy, Communication Studies
  • 1989, Marie Cross, HDFL
  • 1988, Robert Antonio, Sociology
  • 1988, Howard Baumgartel, Psychology
  • 1987, Hob Crockett, Communication Studies and Psychology
  • 1987, Calder Pickett, Journalism
  • 1986, Francis Heller, Law
  • 1985, Jed Davis, Theatre
  • 1984, George Jenks, Geography
  • 1983, Kenneth Rose, Mechanical Engineering
  • 1982, Barbara Craig, French