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Office of Faculty Affairs

WHAT WE DO: Support faculty and faculty leadership in the development of an exceptional learning community at the University of Kansas

HOW WE DO IT: Centering the values of care, community, and equity, the Office of Faculty Affairs leads initiatives and provides guidance in the areas of faculty advancement and recognition, faculty relations and policy, and faculty development and growth

Our Framework:

The Office of Faculty Affairs is guided by a framework of Care, Community and Equity in all of our services and programming.
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Faculty Affairs Highlights and Updates

LAWRENCE — An award-winning author and historian at the University of Kansas will share some of his multifaceted scholarship during his inaugural distinguished professor lecture later this month.

LAWRENCE — According to Peter Ukpokodu, theatre and arts have long been associated with community health by how they seem to rejuvenate people’s emotional well-being so they can appreciate life though a new lens.

Flier for Sarah Deer Distinguished professor lecture “What If Survivors Wrote the Laws? An Exploration of Tribal Statutes on Sexual Violence,” will take place at 5:30 p.m. March 4 in the Malott Room at the Kansas Union

LAWRENCE — In her inaugural Distinguished Professor Lecture at the University of Kansas, acclaimed lawyer, advocate and scholar Sarah Deer will amplify sexual violence survivors' voices and the relation to tribal statutes.

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