Big Feelings: How to Be Okay When Things Are Not Okay

Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy


Uncertainty. Anger. Despair. Envy. We all experience these difficult emotions. But when you're overwhelmed by your feelings, it can seem like you're the only one who is struggling. In our disconnected and emotion-phobic society, many of us are made to feel bad about ever feeling bad. Having difficult emotions doesn't mean you're malfunctioning. It means you're human.

In Big Feelings, Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy talk openly about the hard things they've been through and share how others have navigated their lowest times. Weaving together these personal stories with surprising research, each chapter of Big Feelings examines one of your most uncomfortable emotions, laying out new strategies for learning from these emotions and making them manageable. 

A frank and intuitive guide, Big Feelings will be there for you though life's toughest moments. You'll learn:

  • How to end the cycle of intrusive thoughts brought on by regret, and instead use this feeling as a compass for making decisions.
  • How to identify what's behind your anger and communicate it productively, without putting people on the defensive
  • Why you might be suffering from perfectionism even if you feel far from perfect, and how to detach your self-worth from what you do

Through funny, poignant illustrations and relatable examples, Liz and Mollie show that by acknowledging and sitting with your feelings - rather than denying them and running away from them - you can face difficult emotions with greater agency. When we take the time to understand them, big feelings can help us advocate for our deepest needs. A lively, must-read manual for our times, Big Feelings proves that difficult emotions are normal, and that we can emerge from them with a newfound sense of meaning.


Fosslien, L., & Duffy, M. W. (2022). Big feelings: How to be okay when things are not okay. Portfolio / Penguin.